Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Black Hole Puts Dent In Universe; God Awaits Estimate on Repairs

It looks like a wayward black hole has put a dent in the very fabric of spacetime. I'm sure distancevelocity and accelerationmomentum, among other forcibly compounded words in the science world, are safe.

Whenver I come across these articles about black holes or the universe in general, I'm always caught a little offguard by the simple elegance of the wording. How can something so vast and incomprehensible be made almost tangible by a word like "dent" or "fabric"? With all of the accomplishments in physics, astronomy and cosmology this century, credit must given to those scientists who managed to reach out to the general populace with illustrative words that bring the haziest of ideas about the universe into the consideration of the ordinary person's mind.

(Photo: the black hole as it appeared moments after the denting)