Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Playing Favorites

From the very first moment of this site's existence, I knew that I would inevitably have to comment on Facebook. As it turns out, this commentary will make its appearance after a whopping FIVE posts.

In general, I can't say I disapprove of the whole thing. It facilitates social interaction (from behind a computer screen), lets people share their most heartfelt* interests (from behind a computer screen...actually, it's at least 2 screens isn't it?), and I'm sure, on some level, contributes to world peace (and stalking/kidnapping). The sharp eyes out there will note my asterisk on "heartfelt."

I'm really beginning to question the need for "favorite movies" or favorite books" on this thing anymore. As I browse the pages, I find one guy who claims no less than 83 movies to be his "favorites," all of them including the year, just in case I forgot that the Wizard of Oz precedes The Godfather by some three decades.

My own brother lists innumerable bands (ok, well, somewhere in the 40s) bands as his favorites. Another guy lists The Beatles twice on his list of 61 favorite bands.

College football routinely crowns two national champions.

College applicants often have three or more "top choices."

Rolling Stone has ranked the top FIVE HUNDRED songs!

FHM ranks the 100 Sexiest Women of 200X every year!

I'm really not a cynical, bitter, or jaded person. I just think we could all stand to narrow our preferences a little bit when it comes to declaring favorites. What do you do when a kid says his favorite ice cream flavors are vanilla and chocolate? You tell him to make up his mind! It's going to be alright. And I'm really not a cynical or jaded person. I was just offering my 78 cents.